Acousto-Magnetic Systems

Acousto-Magnetic Antenna Detectors

MIDICO SYSTEM, s.r.o. also offers an acousto – magnetic (AM) detector operating at 58 KHz. In addition to radio frequency systems (8.2MHz), acousto – magnetic systems are often used for electronic protection of goods with many types of security features.


FLAT PLEXAL detector is a modern and powerful AM detector that matches its de-sign with the latest trends in materials such as plexiglas and aluminium profile. The antenna is versatile in its functionality and can be configured either as a transmit-ting and receiving mono antenna (TRX) or a conventional transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX).

Size Features Detection
Height: 1534 mm Freguency: 58 KHz AM label: 100 cm
Width: 370 mm Remote control: No AM  pencil mini: 140 cm
Depth: 54 mm Customer counter: No AM pencil clasik: 180 cm
Weight: 10 kg Metal detector: No
Base: 390*70 mm Manual alarm switching: No
Advertising area:  Yes
Color variants:  Yes