People counting

Customer Counter PEOPLE COUNTER

The number of customers visiting a specific store or passing through a particular entrance may be a very important and interesting piece of information. Our customer counter offers the possibility of optical detection and retrieval of the passage of persons, either between the sides of the OZ8 entry portal or directly between individual antennas equipped with a personal counter.

Both options distinguish between entering and leaving customers thanks to sophisticated optics on the counters. It is therefore possible to determine the number of people visiting the shop at the exact daily intervals, but also the number of customers staying at these intervals within the store.

This data is used in marketing to determine the number of customers, the number of shoppers, the customer response to promotions, and the success of individual shifts and the planning of shop staffing.


OZ8 Customer Counter is an excellent way to find traffic especially for entrances to the areas where the security antennas are not located. The counter monitors the full width of the entrance between the counters. The counters are located the edges of the entrance, OZ8 is typically in-stalled on the sides of the doorframes or the profile edges of the shutters.

Mechanically, it is possible to use the OZ8 counter in metal enclosures (boxes) attached to the door frames or OZ8 counters on metal stand-alone columns.2pocitadlo-v-krabicce1

Size Features
Height: 150 mm Can be installed in metal covers on the sides of the entrance or on separate stands.
Width: 80 mm OZ8 distinguishes the number of inputs and outputs separately.
Depth: 30 mm
Weight: 264 g

OZ in Flat

The customer counters are mostly used in combination with the FLAT RF detector, where the optic counter is located directly in the detector mechanics. With this option, the great ad-vantage is the accuracy of customer counting, because subtraction is always between the two detectors. With two or more antenna systems, the number of people entering each entrance gate is counted and the resulting number is therefore really accurate.1-5A PEOPLE Counter - detail

Can be installed in metal covers on the sides of the entrance or on separate stands OZ8 distinguishes the number of inputs and outputs separately.

SW – People Counter

The customer counter is supplied with utility software – People Counter, which provides the setting, communication, and data storage and SW – Wiever that clearly displays the individual stores traffic in tables and graphs in selected time intervals that best suit the marketing plans of the client.

The customer counter can be operated remotely, for example, from the store chain headquarters via an Ethernet converter, or locally at an individual store from a computer.