Metal detection Systems

Metal and metal foil detectors

Midico System s.r.o. offers effective solution in prevention of shoplifting using an aluminium foil lined bag that overshadows the signal of both – security labels and security tags that the security system cannot detect. The DetAl system is able to capture these specially modified bags and provide better security than conventional security systems. Whenever a suspicious object is detected, a silent alarm for the security or the shop staff is announced.

DetAl PLEXAL is an independent aluminum foil detector that is installed successfully on an existing RF or AM label protector and eliminates attempts by professional theft offenders.

Aluminum foil detection is adjustable to the film type and distinguishable from other distractions.

The alarm evaluation is silent and transmitted to the pager of the shop staff or directly to the security.

This principle of protection is a significant improvement in the overall security of goods against shop lifting as professional and often organized theft causes often more loss than an accidental theft.


Size Features
Height: 1700 mm A separate foil Al detector serves as a complement of existing RF or AM protection systems.
Width: 180 mm Design-oriented antenna mechanics is made of aluminium profile and plexi cover.
Depth: 45 mm Quiet signalling of alarm going to staffs or security pager with the precise location of the alarm
Weight: 4 kg Remote service system via the KEAS internet system.
Base: 180*45 mm Adjustable detection depending on foil type.
RX-TX set with multiple antenna assemblies.

DetAl in the FLAT system is a very advantageous improvement of the FLAT RF detector by a separate integrated aluminum foil detector. The DetAl detector is made of electronics and an additional loop to the FLAT detector. The alarm evaluation is silent and displayed on the pager with the possibility of detecting the location of the alarm, which makes it possible to determine which entrance the potential offender is using.

Size Features
Height: 1534 mm The detector is integrated into the FLAT RF detector.
Width: 370 mm DetAl in the FLAT detector does not require its own drive and is therefore part of one detector.
Depth: 54 mm Integration into the FLAT detector reduces costs and aesthetically does not disturb the entrance to the store.
Weight: 7 kg Quiet alarms with precise alarm location resolution.
Base: 390*70 mm KEAS Remote Service Control over the Internet.
Adjustable detection for film type.


PAGER for DeTAl is a hand held silent alarm receiver with a view of the passage. The staff or security has the Pager on them and after activation of the alarm on DETAL detector they are alerted by acoustic signal or vibrations.

At the same time, the PAGER display shows the alarm location.

Size Features
Height: 120 mm Possibility of acoustic or vibration signal.
Width: 65 mm Always displays the alarm location on the screen so it is easy to find out where the potential offender is.
Depth: 25 mm The pager’s reach is 30 meters.
Weight: 150 g