Application of UHF RFID

Application of UHF RFID technology

MIDICO SYSTEM, as the first in the Czech Republic, has begun installing UHF RFID  readers from domestic production in the area of security. The new RFID technology operates in the UHF band (Europe at 868 MHz). An advantage, compared to existing RF or AM systems, is that it can detect protective labels at a greater distance. In practice, this means that we are able to secure 6 to 8 meter entrance area of the shop without installing antenna detectors in the protected passage. The customer is not limited at the entrance to the business premises and at the same time the access to the shop is more airy and elegant. The RFID reader responds only to the unique code recorded in the labels, which does not result in false alarms caused by the label, or to the interference of antenna detectors from other shops around the particular store.

This technology is also a major improvement in logistics and warehouse management. The system can read numerous RFID tags (e.g. – all items on the pallet) at greater distances at one time. That is why this technology considered to be the successor of classic bar code readings. Thanks to this feature, the RFID system can perform inventories much faster, for example by using RFID hand held readers. This greatly accelerates work with tracking or restocking of goods.

Of course, we can use this technology to a much wider extent. These are, for example, manufacturing processes where we can write selected data to RFID tags. RFID is also great for security of office buildings, libraries and schools. This technology is also used in sports, where the system is used in mass races (e.g. – cross-country skiing), where we are able to measure time for a larger number of participants. The device is also used to control barriers and gates.

  • Long Distance Detection
  • Securing 6 to 8 meter entrance areas without the antennas in the passage
  • Reducing false alarms
  • Loading  numerous  codes at once
  • Possibility to read and write additional data into RFID labels
  • Reading and recording even from hidden labels


Leaflet UHF RFID

Leaflet parking  UHF RFID