Multiport security systems

We offer several types of multiport security systems. The range starts with two ports system for the connection of 2 sensors (Spider2) to sixteen port systems (Spider16). The security systems can be installed on the surface or built into the furniture. Different types of sensors can be connected. The security systems always contain a battery (either for main or backup power) and security systems are also come with adapters.


Spider 2

A small 2-port csecurity system is powered only by a small lithium battery. It is suitable for simple and independent security of 1 or 2 items. The security system is remote control operated, very easy to install, also possible by self-help. Different types of sensors can be connected to the security system (e.g. touch sensor with a switch, USB connection sensor or looped sensor).

  • Compact dimensions
  • Favorable price
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for smaller applications

Spider 2 leaflet in PDF


Spider 8

The 8-port independent security system is suitable to secure a small group of free-standing items when combined with sensors. Spider 8 with clips can also be used to secure garment products (e.g. jackets, fur coats, etc.). The security system is developed to work for a long time powered by batteries (without electricity). When plugged in, the battery is used as a backup. The device can be mounted on the surface or built into the furniture. The control is ensured by the contact dallas chip.

  • Favourable price
  • Universal use for security and power and also for various types of sensors
  • Easy to install
  • Long lasting batteries


Spider 16

The 16 port security system can work independently, or 1-4 security systems could be connected together via a data line. It is easy to create groups that are controlled and supplied from one location (power, control and signalling separately at each SP16 is not necessary).

The SP16 is suitable for medium to large security environments without the need to power displayed products. Under these conditions, this is one of the most cost-effective options.

  • Convenient price
  • Possibility to create independently controlled groups
  • Easy to install
  • Long lasting batteries

Spider 16 flyer in PDF


OCTOPUS control panels

The OCTOPUS security system series with 4,8 and 16 ports is controlled by the same remote control as Spider 2 or ENTRY and CENTY stands. 4-port and 8-port control panels can be only in the security version or in the version suitable for security and charging of the displayed mobile phones.

  • Compatible with ENTRY and CENTY stands
  • Easy to install
  • Possibility to charge displayed products