Spider Net+

The Spider Net+ line represents the top of electronic display security systems. The individual security components are linked by data link. This enables individual configuration of the system (creation of independently controlled groups, signalling and control), but mainly the use of additional functions such as:

The whole system can be operated with non-contact RFID cards or key chains. The control chips can control the selected parts of the system and can have 2 levels of authority. Spider Net+ also has other useful features. For example, an alarm resolution of 2 or more simultaneous attacks, when the operator recognizes that there is a multiple theft (these places are marked by lights). After the alarm is stopped the operator will be alerted in case of any changes in configuration are made.

This function is very important for the operator. Once the RFID card stops the alarm, the operator sees if the system is in the same configuration as before the alarm or there has been a change and therefore the product on display is not secured anymore.

  • In addition to securing use for marketing purposes

Besides security it may be used for marketing purposes

  • Suitable for large and small applications
  • Individual configuration and group creation
  • Graphical outputs on PC about system status