We present new security stands UNO

UNO stands are exemplary of top-notch and efficient design. They allow elegant and safe presentation of portable consumer electronics such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, navigation and audio players. Elegant design of UNO stands highlights the presented products with attractive lightness.

Using the UNO stands, you can quickly organize the presentation of the exposed electronics. This is because all control electronics are located in the base of the stand. One the base is placed chosen type of acrylic stand. Exchanging exhibited goods is a matter a few simple actions.

The series of universal acrylic mounts and sensors make UNO the perfect companion for all consumer electronics categories. Whether you have a horizontal table or a vertical wall, the UNO is designed to meet all your requirements.

UNO is not only great looking but also secure. The power connector is electronically monitored. At the same time, the stand can be supplemented by mechanical holders for phones and tablets, which will further enhance product security.