We have a brand new STEAD ACRYL antenna

This radio-frequency antenna combines great label detection with a new elegant design.

STEAD AKRYL is a powerful dual radiofrequency system with high interference resistance. The system operates at 8.2 MHz and be can easily equipped with an integrated DetAl metal detector to protect against theft using aluminum foil bags.

The STEAD AKRYL system can be installed at any store in an unlimited combination of transmitters and receivers, the system can be easily set up, so all antennas work together without interferences.

The latest radio-electronics STEAD is equipped with a CAN communication line that enables reliable system control and communication from the RF detector out. KEAS control and service software makes possible to set up a system and use diagnostic and communication data to manage functions and parameters of any system via Ethernet connection remotely from anywhere in the world. KEAS software is used to communicate with the STEAD RF detector system and the DeTAl aluminum foil detector.