Interactive SpotPlayer LITE software

Software modules that work with the Spider Net+ security system greatly increase the effectiveness of the entire security system.

They provide both: security of the goods on display and help with sales or servicing of the entire device.

SpotPlayer LITE is a software upgrade for Spider Net+ network security. After lifting the displayed items (mobile, camera, tablet, etc.), the information from the e-shop for the product, prepared presentation or video clip will be displayed on PC monitor or tablet. If the customer lifts 2 products, the screen is split in half and it is easy to compare the selected products. This software application is actually a connection between a standard e-shop and a regular store. At the same time, it helps customers with orientation, for example, in the parameters of displayed good. It also helps the sales staff with sales. As well it is possible to present the goods on display to customers by using commercials.

Equally important is the ease of operation and settings, e.g. when changing the displayed goods. All operations for everyday use are easily provided by sales staff and do not incur additional costs.

  • Displaying product information while lifting the product
  • Link to the e-shop
  • Display on monitor or tablet
  • The ability to display commercials
  • Comparing 2 pieces of displayed goods
  • Easy operation and setup