Lifting statistics

One of the useful tools for determining customer’s interest is the Statistics module. To implement this feature, we need the standard SpiderNet + security system (only sensors and holders are modified) and, of course, Internet connection. There is no need to buy additional control panels.

Spider Net+ is able to record the number of lifts of the displayed goods, how long the customer holds the product, as well as other statistics specifically required by the customer.

In addition, the system can compare results from multiple stores at once. It can accurately analyse what products are potential customers interested in (or compare with sales data), which goods they are viewing the longest but also what is the attendance of a particular store or a selected counter.

Management then has a perfect overview of customer´s priorities and the base for effective deployment within a store or even within branches.

  • Uses standard SpiderNet+
  • Records the number of lifts and the time customer spends with each item
  • Graphical and table outputs
  • Comparison between stores
  • Automatically sends selected charts to email